Attorney  Profile

Robert A. Pascal is a native Floridian, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale.  For the past twenty years, he has studied and practiced in the areas of: Immigration, International Law, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law, Corporations, Business Law, Trademarks and Probate.   He has solid jury trial experience in the Florida Circuit Courts handling both criminal and civil trials.  He is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and dedicates a majority of his practice to serving the Hispanic Community. What Mr. Pascal enjoys is the diverse experience and knowledge he brings to his clients. He is able to discern additional legal issues that other attorneys locked into one area of law may not readily identify.  What the clients like the most about Mr. Pascal is that he is truly concerned about his clients, and not merely driven by economic gain.  Mr. Pascal treats every client with the same level of respect ,  no matter their economic or educational background. When you become a client of our office your file is not by a file number, but by your name.  You become part of our family, and will be happy to return to us in the future for additional legal services.  Mr. Pascal looks forward to meeting you, and to helping you to resolve your legal issues. Take a moment to review Mr. Pascal’s education and experience listed below. Call (954) 522-4058 for a free consultation or use my contact page on http://www.attorneyrobert.pascal.com

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