Tips to Prepare for your US Embassy Visa Interview

Alas, for many of you, the day has arrived when you went to your mailbox or checked your email and received a letter from the US Embassy or the National Visa Center (NVC) for your scheduled interview date.

You will usually be given about 6-8 weeks notice for the interview, and you will usually need this time to complete any remaining requirements, such as the medical examination or obtaining a police clearance letter, completed prior to the interview date. The requirements will differ between the types of visas you will be interviewing for, as there are significant differences in the documentation requirements between immigrant and non-immigrant applicants.

The most important step is to first read the interview letter completely. The letter will not only specify the date and time of your interview, but it will also direct you to the interview requirements of that specific US Embassy.

You can locate the US Embassy of your interview using the following link First click on the hemisphere, and from there you will be taken to a list of the countries in that specific region. One you find your appropriate US Embassy or Consulate, you will need to click on the “Visas”. You will now be taken to a page that will further direct you to information whether you are a immigrant or non-immigrant applicant.

After clicking on the appropriate link, the next page will have a link for the interview. This page will have very important information such as the list of documents you will need to bring with you to the interview. Remember the documents will need to bring need to be the originals or certified copies of the documents you may have previously submitted. Also, make one additional copy of these documents , should the Consular officer require documentation for their file.

Also, you may be directed to complete a DS-160 (Non-immigrant) or a DS-260 (Immigrant) online through the US Department of State website , which will need to be finalized before the day of your interview. Also, if required to obtain a physical examination, you will need to wait until you receive the interview letter first before being able to make the exam appointment.

Please check the US Department of State website at:

Once you arrive on this page, look to the middle and you will see a drop down menu that will provide you with the names and addresses of approved physicians in your country to conduct the physical examination. Do not use any physician other than those listed on the US Department of State approved physicians or your physical exam will be rejected.

Also, make sure you have all proper police clearance certificates required. In some countries, such as Peru , you will need two separate police clearance certificates.

With the interview notice there will be a documentation checklist indicating which documents have been submitted and which items are missing. Please take your time and go through the list to see that any missing documents are located and submitted at the interview as well as the originals or certified copies of those items on the checklist.

On the day of your interview, dress appropriately and be on time. If you are late for your appointment you will normally be denied entry and will have to reschedule the interview, causing a delay. Usually, only the applicant is permitted into the interview, unless a senior citizen or minor child. If it is a visa for a fiancé or spouse, I do encourage my client’s spouses that appled for them to attend the interview. No attorneys are permitted either.

When you get into the US embassy, please follow directions. The interview itself will be held at the equivalent of a bank teller’s window inside. If you have any photos or documents to produce, please see they are thin enough to slide under the glass as you will not be able to pass a photo album or such thick paperwork to the Consular Officer.

Please remain calm during the interview process. Answer all questions honestly as one lie will result in immediate denial of your application. Once the interview is completed you will usually be advised of the determination.

If the visa is denied, usually the denial is stamped there at the interview and if granted, the US Embassy may take the passport, issue you the visa, and send your passport back to you within five days to a nearby postal office or designated facility.

It our hope that you have a favorable determination following your interview. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Attorney Robert Pascal, and the Law Offices of Robert A. Pascal, P.A. at 954-522-4058 .

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